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Bringing Edibles Home

The MOTA POT was born at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado, by three Food Scientists with a passion for The Industry.  Using ancient herbal extraction technology,this stovetop device delivers a safe and consistent product every time.  With over 40 years experience, our Research and Development Laboratory has thoroughly tested The MOTA POT and we have unlocked the science of infusing oils. From Sweets to Salves, the consumer now has the power to control what and how much active ingredient is needed.

The Original
The Original Mota Pot

The MOTA POT is a Patent Pending cannabis infuser that turns one stick of butter into a potent THC infused ingredient every time. There is no magic behind this technology: It has no moving parts, uses minimal amount of marijuana, and requires no filtering.

Make Butter in Minutes

The MOTA POT gives the home edible maker the access to great tasting, potent marijuana butter, in just the right amount. The cannabis butter extraction process takes less than 10 minutes, and produces consistent herb infused butter every time.


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Edibles From Your Oven

We have experienced Food Scientists working in the Cannibles Brand test kitchen, producing mouth watering recipes that can be used with The MOTA POT. Check in frequently for our catalog of cannabis butter delicacies created by our very own Chefs.

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Cannibles Brand

Retail bags of Cannibles Brand Baking Mixes are formulated to work with a single infusion from the MOTA POT (or 1 Stick of Butter).  Simply add an egg, mix, and bake.  Enjoy 12 edibles from each batch!

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