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Edibles in 2014 made up 45% of retail sales in Colorado Recreational Dispensaries.  As Food Scientists, we wanted to help this industry grow.  motapot_circle_large

One of the biggest issues facing the Edibles industry is a method of creating great infused oils at home.  In an effort to create the best, most consistent cannabis infused Edibles, we searched high and low for something that could deliver us great marijuana butter. One day, while working at a chalkboard, the concept for The MOTA POT was created. Soon after, we introduced this fabulous herbal extractor to the world at the 2014 Cannabis Cup in Denver, CO. This Patent Pending technology was designed to give the consumers the power to make their own cannabis edibles from home.


Developed at the Base of the Rocky Mountains, in Denver Colorado, The MOTA POT and Cannibles Brand Baking Mixes are designed to give the user convenient home cooked product every time.  Any cooking oil can be infused with Cannabis within 10 minutes of placing the unit on the stove.  Once your butter is infused and solid, our line of specially formulated Baking Mixes allows you to make 12 edibles in the comfort of your own home.  This system allows the consumer to control what goes into their edibles, as well as the amount of active ingredient needed.  


Don’t rely on the old methods of making Cannabis Infused Butter.  The MOTA POT is built with a filter inside, which strains out all of the solid material.  This inhibits the grassy flavor and color to permeate the finished product, and give you the best experience with your edibles.  A light green or blonde color will show the purity of your product, and will be accompanied by a nice nutty aroma.  These fats and oils can be used in a wide variety of applications, including recipes included on this site.  

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