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See How Easy Cannabis Butter Can Be to Make at Home!

See how Easy it is to make Butter at home with the Mota Pot.  This article was the official debut of the MOTA CUP.  Check out this great piece for more information.

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Introducing, the MOTA CUP!  The little cannabis butter maker just got friend…

Mota Cup

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Making Cannabis Butter just got A LOT easier!  The MOTA CUP is a fully contained, pre-dosed package of decarboxylated herb ready for use in The MOTA POT.  Now your local dispensary can carry The MCup and fill it with your favorite varieties of edible herbs.  Imagine having your favorite pick me up in the morning with your coffee, or that strain that just puts you to bed.  The MCup allows for you to control the type of medicine and the amount that goes into your edibles.  


Don’t waste your time with old methods that leave a nasty taste and contains all types of plant material. This 2 piece High Temperature Food Grade plastic container fits perfectly in The MOTA POT – a cannabis butter maker, and delivers perfect cannabis butter in less than 10 minutes.  The MCup eliminates the need for decarboxylation, and takes the guess work out of how potent your edibles will be.  Sold in singles, or in sleeves the MCup is designed to give the consumer the most consistent and enjoyable experience.


The MCup will be available in retail outlets in March of 2015.  

Key Bank in Denver Colorado decided that our Legal Cannabis business was a risky venture, so they shut down our accounts.  At Extracting Innovations, LLC, we do not sell Cannabis, or Cannabis Infused Products.  We offer a DIY solution to making Edibles at home with The MOTA POT and Cannibles Brand Baking Mixes.  Melissa Garcia from News 4 was gracious enough to hear our story and put it on air.  Where will it end?  


Monday, December 1st, 2014 only!  

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Thank you to all who have served for our freedom.

Extracting Innovations is proud to be a sponsor of a great Veterans organization, here in Denver, CO.  Grow 4 Vets is helping veterans deal with health issues, and giving them a venue to explore the role of cannabis in their treatments.   We have donated Dozens of MOTA POTS, and thousands of Cannibles Brand Baking Mixes to the veterans to show our gratitude. 

If you have questions regarding the treatment of children’s severe illnesses with cannabis, and are not sure where to turn, please visit for more information.  She is fighting the battle on the front lines and has a vast amount of knowledge on the topic.  

Impress anyone with your culinary capabilities by whipping up a true Caesar Dressing  to serve with salad at dinner.

This easy and versatile Aioli recipe is designed to be made in a blender or food processor,but can easily be made with a whisk or mortar and pestle.

Great on sandwiches, mixed into dressings, or over a basket of fries with friends.

A roux is a cooked mixture of flour and butter used to thicken soups and sauces.

Add a serving of roux to thicken your favorite cheese sauce, chowder, or gravy.

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Edible Butter Instructions
Step 1

Cube 1 stick (113g) of Butter and press into MOTA POT base.  Add 1/2 cup water.  


NOTE:  Do not fill past the brass pressure release valve.

Step 2

Insert Filter into Base.  Fill to middle line with decarboxylated herb*

The Easy way to make cannabis Butter.
Step 3

Secure Pitcher to Base. Heat on Medium-Low until steam bursts are heard from the top of the pitcher.


NOTE:  Too much heat may cause pressure release valve to activate.

Step 4

Remove from heat.  Pour entire contents of Pitcher into a chilling container.


Best used with
Cannibles Brand Baking Mixes

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