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BLD – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner




BLD – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner is a book for the new age of infusing foods with cannabis. These recipes were written by classically trained chefs that have their Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Product Development. All of these great foods are based on infused butters created by The MOTA POT – a 10 minute cannabis butter infuser.

Enjoy Edibles in Minutes
Easy To Use

Add one stick of butter, fill the insert with decarboxylated trimmings and place on the stove.  In less than 10 minutes, you have active butter to make edibles at home.

Just The Right Amount

One batch of butter from The MOTA POT is just the right size.  Add to a bag of Cannibles Brand Baking Mix, and have 12 edibles fresh from your own oven. 

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