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Surface Area


Surface Area: the area of such an outer part or uppermost layer of something.

The highest extractions occur in any system when the Surface Area is at it’s highest in a solution. The finer the cannabis is ground prior to extraction, the more surface area is produced. This simply allows for pieces that may have been trapped within a area that may be impenetrable by solvents, to have a greater chance to become a solute.

After Decarboxylation and prior to extraction, prepare your toasted marijuana, as described below.

  1. Remove from oven and let cool.
  2. Place Decarboxylated Cannabis into a baby bullet, or small grinder.
  3. Grind for 10 seconds, or until extremely fine.

Now your Cannabis is ready for The MOTA POT, and herbal extraction.

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Surface Area
Enjoy Edibles in Minutes
Easy To Use

Add one stick of butter, fill the insert with decarboxylated trimmings and place on the stove.  In less than 10 minutes, you have active butter to make edibles at home.

Just The Right Amount

One batch of butter from The MOTA POT is just the right size.  Add to a bag of Cannibles Brand Baking Mix, and have 12 edibles fresh from your own oven. 

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