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The Original way to make Easy Cannabis Butter.

Over 10,000 SOLD!

For the last 2 years, The MOTA POT has proven itself as the easiest way to make Cannabis Butter at Home.  Using only 1 stick of butter, and a couple grams of marijuana, this little contraption has been making edibles for tens of thousands of edibles consumers across the globe.  This stove top appliance takes less than 10 minutes to infuse any edible oil with a variety of decarboxylated herbs – flower, trim, kief, or any THC containing substance that is available.  The MOTA POT is also extremely affordable, priced under $50!


Classic Brownie - Our best seller!

Classic Brownie – Our best seller!

Easy Butter!

For those consumers that are intimidated by the cannabis infusing process, Extracting Innovations has created easy to prepare, pre-packaged mixes that taste great.  Mix one stick of cannabis butter from The MOTA POT with one egg and a package of Cannibles Brand Baking Mixes for a dozen edibles straight from your oven.  Currently we offer 3 flavors of goodies:  Classic Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and an unbelievable delicious Peanut Butter Cookie.  Very little time or effort will be put into making the best edibles that will be a hit with you and your friends.


The MCup available at select dispensaries!

The MCup available at select dispensaries!

New Innovation!

With help from Mile High Food Science in Denver, Colorado, Extracting Innovations has added several new offerings to their portfolio – including the first MCup, or Mota Cup.  The MCup is an easy to use, pre portioned container for your herbal extraction needs.  This little cup is manufactured in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with new technology that allows for Hemp Plastic to replace a percentage of the nylon plastics that are commonly used in these types of molded products.  The MCup has made easy butter from The MOTA POT even easier!


The Mota Pot Culinary Set is the perfect tool for the home Chef.

The Mota Pot Culinary Set is the perfect tool for the home Chef.

Great for Culinary!

Extracting Innovations was fortunate enough to have been able to sponsor a new cookbook for cannabis edibles:  BLD – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.  Written by two Chefs and a Food Scientist, this book is full of fun and easy recipes for alternative infused edibles.  All recipes are based on cannabis oils that are produced are easily made with the MOTA POT.  Amaze your friends with your culinary skills after you serve the unbelievably tasty recipes from this book!

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The MOTA POT team was in Colorado Springs last weekend at the US Cannabis Expo spreading the word on how easy it is to make infused cannabis butter.  We were lucky to meet KC Stark at who was nice enough to give us this great short on how The MOTA POT works.  


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Come Party with The MOTA POT in Colorado Springs.

Come Party with The MOTA POT in Colorado Springs.

Come check out the MOTA POT demos this weekend!

Come down to meet the creator of the easiest butter maker in the world, The MOTA POT!  I will be at the BP Brewski Launch Party from 3-5pm at the NANO 108 Brewing Company:  2402 Waynoka, Colorado Springs, 80915.  We will be doing demonstrations with The MOTA POT all day with lots of free edibles!  A FREE pint of beer will be given to anyone who donates 1 LB of plastic containers from dispensaries.  The sponsor of this event, Blue Pineapple, is the manufacturer of our new MOTA CUP and is an integral part of this industry here in Colorado.  Our friends at Open Vape will also have the party bus in the lot with a lot of great information.  

We will have some giveaways and specials on The MOTA POT and Cannibles Brand Baking Mixes.  Also…you may get the chance to see the newest technology in Cannabis Infused Oil – The INDUSTRIAL MOTA POT.  This machine will turn 5 lbs of oil into a cannabis infused ingredient.  This new invention is great for large manufacturers by creating a consistent, predictable, FOOD SAFE product for use in producing great edibles!

Be sure to stop by and say Hi on Sunday, and don’t forget your plastic containers!

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BLD – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
The Mota Pot
Variety Pack of Baking Mixes
Peanut Butter Cookie Baking Mix
Brownie Baking Mix
The Mota Pot Gift Set
Chocolate Chip Baking Mix
Edible Butter Instructions
Step 1

Cube 1 stick (113g) of Butter and press into MOTA POT base.  Add 1/2 cup water.  


NOTE:  Do not fill past the brass pressure release valve.

Step 2

Insert Filter into Base.  Fill to middle line with decarboxylated herb*

The Easy way to make cannabis Butter.
Step 3

Secure Pitcher to Base. Heat on Medium-Low until steam bursts are heard from the top of the pitcher.


NOTE:  Too much heat may cause pressure release valve to activate.

Step 4

Remove from heat.  Pour entire contents of Pitcher into a chilling container.


Best used with
Cannibles Brand Baking Mixes

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